The badlands

By Mason. M

Hello, can I tell you a story about when I was 31 years old and it was my b day and my friends got a plane ticket with them to go to Texas and have a good time and if I remember they were in their late 20 to early 40 Jake 40 Max 36 me 31 and Summer 27 and I went to my room and started to pack up for the trip I packed shirts, pants, shorts, underwear, and tooth brush under armor. We got everything in the car. I was the one who drove the truck to the hotel, but it was 50 minutes long ride and at the hotel it is going to be 30 minutes long. 25 minutes in wee got to a gas stations got gas, food 24 pack of Pepsi. The ride was boring, and we listened to Eminem, boomkitty, Shinedown, and more. We got there we got everything and checked in paid $400 dollar and the room is 274 and 275 on floor 2 it was huge and long. The rooms were huge three beds bathroom and a fridge. Jake and I sleep in room 274 we stayed up tell 2 am playing call of duty 4. We went to sleep. In the morning we got read for the airplane ride we got the bags and checked out and packed the car and drove to the airport we got in and we were in take off we were like 20000 ft in the air and I fell asleep I woke up in 2 hours the sky was red like a dark red and there was sand, hills, fire and there I was on a half broken chair impaled by a glass shard and the plane was in half. I was the last on to wake up Jake woke up then Max then Summer then me. I seen that Jake is in the most pain and still finding resources “hay Summer were is Max I thought he was with Hudson” said Jake “Max went to the stream of water over their” she said pointing. I started to wake up and question were am I a couple of water and food to eat and I said “this cant be Texas right it is not this” {no Texas is not this.} I started to look around and I started to map were the stream of water, plane, hills, fire, and the mountain. “Why not we go to the mountain and see what is there.” Said Max we all like the idea we got water food and back packs full of stuff. We stated to walk it was going to be a 30 minutes’ walk then I seen a smoke cloud and it was thick and we seen a snake that was 90 meters long and the neck was cut a little we need to kill it be for it will find us and kill us { it was out side and try to run to the mountain} we ran for the mountain and try to get cover we got in and the snake hit the mountain and a big boulder crushed its head and it covered the entry we start to climb the mountain and we climb for 25 minutes and we seen a bedroom but 30x bigger and we heard a giant steps we ran and seen a shelf with bombs and a catapult we knew we need to kill a huge thing and we seen it a giant golem we start to fire the bombs 5/6 hit the beast we had one more we shot it missing are one chance “No wait a minute can’t we just put bullets in him” I said guns fired keep shooting the weak point ( on is chest) we can him swinging arms like crazy then he stop fall in on to his knees and then fell though the floor and the shockwave we crazy blowing a hole in the wall and the bed fell everything was broken and torn.“ wow that was crazy and let’s just sleep ok” said Jake we all went to sleep for 5 hours then we ate had some water then we started to go to the broken wall and climb up to the next room with the monster we guest. We got to the top and there were pillars holding the rock. “ who dares to wake my slumber?” said the ? We did not know who said that then a tail was showing and wings and spikes it was a dragon “ Ha I seen you have defeated my army my snake my golem You must pay OF DEATH” the dragon screamed and send fireballs to try to kill us we ran and fired bullets then Summer seen 7 weak spot on his back. We shot at them nothing happen he just continued to try to kill us he was ticked. Then I ran in and stab right in a weak point and I stab him he screamed in pain and through me any the wall go for stabs at his weak points “No you will not escape my domain and I will kill you 1 by 1” said the dragon we ran and kept stabbing him then I seen on his head one new weak point was their I ran up his nose jumping and impale the head and brain the body started to vanish and a portal just open, I was scared we walked through and we were in a science lab they were experiments for them then two scientists seen us and let us go home then we all went to my place and slept for 12 hours then played games had supper then they went home.           The End

Apex legends

Apex Legends is a free 1st person shooter with lots of characters, the order is bloodhound, gibraltar, lifeline, pathfinder, wraith, bangalore, caustic, mirage, octane, wattson, crypto, revenant, loba, rampart, horizon, fuse, valkyrie, seer, ash, mad maggie, newcastle, vantage, catalyst. they all have a passive, tactical, ultimate.

their are customize weapons heals characters and banners. their are stats like how many kills on a legend and badges and backgrounds. their are 5 maps to fight on worlds edge, kings canyon, Olympus, stormpoint and broken moon.

assault rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, and pistols. with 25 guns with three grenades the thermite { cause a row of fire} frag like a normal grenades and the ark star.

Apex Legends devs respond to bizarre banner bug - Charlie INTEL
Apex Legends Logo Decal - Etsy Canada

The kid laroi

He is a singer at the age 19 and his net worth is 4 mil. his real is Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard. He made the song Love again, thousand miles, without me, etc. is albums are f love, the first time.

his Place of Birth: Waterloo, New South Wales, Australia. At the age of seven he moved to the rural town of Broken Hill in New South Wales and lived with his mother, brother and grandparents at the time. He attended a private school, Sacred Heart Parish School, where he was a house captain and won a speaking award.

his Height is approximately 6 feet (approx. 183 m) tall. He has a girlfriend at the age 19 and her name is Katarina Deme. he has lots of singles songs are, love again, thousand miles and stay. In my opinion he is a 8/10 for me.

the battle

On March 17th Jake was walking from the store then a weird man followed him. Jake was scared and got in the car and stepped on the gas. When he got home the man was on the doorstep banging on the door and said, “let me in.” Jake did not answer the door, then the note came under the door Jake did not open it until the next day. Jake woke up and made some coffee, bacon, hash browns and eggs then saw the note on the table, then he picked up his pocketknife and cut it open. The note said “meet at the lake Toronto {it was under water}.

 Jake got there and waited at the dock, there was a fishing pole and started to fish. 4 hours later a boat with a guy waving at Jake, Jake was scared and started to get on the boat, 1 hour in the boat Jake fell asleep. 2 hours in still asleep, hour 3 fishing, hour 3.5 got a fish and steered the boat, hour 3.7 ate the cooked fish, hour 3.9 saw the island the person driving the boat said, “10 more minutes and I’m surprised that you did not vomit.”

 Three guards at the dock, took Jake to a room with 96 people with the same shirt and pants, but different numbers, the guards put Jake in a room with clothes and his number is 97. The game will start soon if 3 people are not here.2 days later Jake made two friends named Sam a.k.a 86 and Clayton a.k.a 48. 3 people got in “the battle will start in 45 minutes,” said the speakers. 15 minutes the gang made plans for the fight. 35 minutes in everyone in a room with their team, 42 minutes in the doors were opening super slow.

 The game started the gang ran to a house and Jake found a knife and he got first kill he got blood on him, and he was shocked. Clayton has a shotgun and the grenade. The specker said “75 people remain.” Jake got two kills with his knife and then he pulled out his pocketknife, he was happy when he pulled it out and got 1 kill. Then numbers are flying down 70 to 60 to 51, the specker said “50 people remain.” Sam has a sniper and a fast burst grenade.

 The gas came out fast and the animals came out to. The gang ran the gas was there Jake and Sam were fast, Clayton was slower, so Sam gave Clayton the gas mask and “15 people remain” said the speaker and the gas was deadlier. Sam had a sniper with a deadly spread and killed 3 people with one shot. “Ha we are doing it,” Said the gang.

 Boom a grenade went off and one of the parts of the bomb hit Sam in the chest and cut him open. Sam was there dead. “5 people remain and it is 97, 48, 13, 100, 6″ said the speaker. The game was crazy at this point and silent all you can hear is bomb and car exploding, fire was everywhere. 13 and 100 cornered them they had bombs and powerful weapons. “Jake we are in trouble” said Clayton “yea” said 100, then it started to rain and thunder and lightning strikes one bolt of lightning hit and killed 13, Clayton killed 100,

 The two needed to find 6 all were on an emerging mountain that erupted out of the ground. They looked for 6 and said “she must be in the car or the tree or the bush” that’s all they can see. The gas hit the car and the car vaporized and the girl was not there or the tree. “In the bush” and though the bomb had hit her and killed her. The guards picked up Clayton and Jake to the 100 million dollars and split it got on the boat with their check and boated to the mainland and the became best friend and had the best years together and miss Sam. The end.


Boywithuke is a singer make song with good beats and make one of the best singers in my opinion. He make $494.3k {$432.5k to $571.5k}. He is a American artist and he made music videos with Blackbear, Marshmello, Oliver tree and Arden Jones.

All of the album names are Serotonin Dreams, Melatonin Dreams, Fever Dreams and Boy Uke and Faded. His singles are Toxic and Sick of U. he still dose concerts and in 2023 he mite do one in January in the USA not in Manitoba.

Boywithuke is 20 year old with lots of money. His parents support his music career, he has a discord cannel with 5.5k and most of his music is produce by him. he is born in Massachusetts USA home town is Massachusetts USA.

Bendy and the ink machine

Bendy and the ink machine is a horror survival game. the creator of the game and the developers are the creator is Joey Drew Studios. the developers are The meatily games and kindly beast. the point is to rest the loop of Joey Drews studios.

there are lots of boss and characters the ones that help you are Alice, Boris, Joey. you play as Henry Stein and you can find melee weapons to attack the enemy’s and the bosses some of the bosses are demon Bendy, Sammy Lawrence and twisted Alice.

Bendy and the dark arrival the new one is a stronger start and end then the first. you play as Audrey or dot and there are upgrades in this one but more characters. the ones that help you are is Alison, Tom the dog and bobby. the bosses are ink demon and shipsahoy Dudley. I like to play this one more than the first one.

Plants vs zombies franchise.

The sires of the game is to defend your land with plants but the zombie try to eat your brains. plant plants to get the zombie gone. the first game has not that much plants to pick but first level you start you get peashooter that cost 100 sun than sunflower that cost 50 than chary boom that cost 150 sun than wall nut costs 50 than potato mine cost 25 the more you play you get more plants than the boss fight Dr. zomboss. the sun will fall for you to get more plant but not in night time levels.

pvz 2 starts the same but chary booms are in pyrite cove. the sun now drops 50 but the dark ages have no sun. all the islands have secretin zombies and plants to unlock not the zombies just to now. all islands have a boss to fight but the modern days have 3 bosses and it is the tough’s island. there are premium plants that can buy or win in torment’s to win but needs 250 crowns to 500 crowns. Penney’s peruse you can win boosts for your plants.

pvz garden warfare 1 2 and 3

the first 1 is the many 4 is peashooter, sunflower, chomper and cactus. the second adds crenel corn, rose, citron super brines imp and captin deadberd . the 3 adds acorn and oak, snapdragon and night cap the zombies are space cadet, 80s action hero and electric slide. new maps abelites and game mods.

Plants vs. Zombies (video game) - Wikipedia