Bendy and the ink machine

Bendy and the ink machine is a horror survival game. the creator of the game and the developers are the creator is Joey Drew Studios. the developers are The meatily games and kindly beast. the point is to rest the loop of Joey Drews studios.

there are lots of boss and characters the ones that help you are Alice, Boris, Joey. you play as Henry Stein and you can find melee weapons to attack the enemy’s and the bosses some of the bosses are demon Bendy, Sammy Lawrence and twisted Alice.

Bendy and the dark arrival the new one is a stronger start and end then the first. you play as Audrey or dot and there are upgrades in this one but more characters. the ones that help you are is Alison, Tom the dog and bobby. the bosses are ink demon and shipsahoy Dudley. I like to play this one more than the first one.

Plants vs zombies franchise.

The sires of the game is to defend your land with plants but the zombie try to eat your brains. plant plants to get the zombie gone. the first game has not that much plants to pick but first level you start you get peashooter that cost 100 sun than sunflower that cost 50 than chary boom that cost 150 sun than wall nut costs 50 than potato mine cost 25 the more you play you get more plants than the boss fight Dr. zomboss. the sun will fall for you to get more plant but not in night time levels.

pvz 2 starts the same but chary booms are in pyrite cove. the sun now drops 50 but the dark ages have no sun. all the islands have secretin zombies and plants to unlock not the zombies just to now. all islands have a boss to fight but the modern days have 3 bosses and it is the tough’s island. there are premium plants that can buy or win in torment’s to win but needs 250 crowns to 500 crowns. Penney’s peruse you can win boosts for your plants.

pvz garden warfare 1 2 and 3

the first 1 is the many 4 is peashooter, sunflower, chomper and cactus. the second adds crenel corn, rose, citron super brines imp and captin deadberd . the 3 adds acorn and oak, snapdragon and night cap the zombies are space cadet, 80s action hero and electric slide. new maps abelites and game mods.

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